Criminal Action:  Where a child or adolescent is a victim of CSEC a report should be made to the Police Department (Police) who will start criminal proceedings against the offender. The Police’s prosecutor (person bringing the case to court) will prepare the child to give evidence in court; a social worker will be appointed by DHS to assist the child and the family to go through the criminal process and to help them recover from the effects of the exploitation.

  Civil Action: Where the offender is a relative of the child or a person living in the home of the child, or where the child may be exposed to further exploitation in the home, DHS (Department of Human Services) will apply to the court to remove the child and will seek other orders such as maintenance of the child (even from the perpetrator) or custody orders as are necessary to protect the welfare of the child.




Counseling:  Where the victim and the family request it CDF will work with DHS to provide counseling to the victim to deal with the trauma of CSEC and to assist in behavioral change therapy for victims and families.

  Skills Training:  CDF will make referrals and facilitate as appropriate skills re-training for victims and families.


   Family Support: CDF will work with community organizations to assist families to obtain basic food and non-food needs while the family undergoes transition and rehabilitation programs and will assist families to advocate for rights.

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